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Type of Satellite Antenna:

To be able to watch the Digiturk broadcasts via satellite, you need to have one of Turksat (42° Degrees) or Eutelsat (7° Degrees) satellite dish available.

To distinguish your satellite dish from Eutelsat or Turksat, if your existing turkish TV channels are available in EURO (Channel D Euro, Star Euro) then your satellite dish is in Eutelsat.

Digiturk Broadcast Package: Digiturk Family Package: Provide service approximately 300 hundred from Turkish national channels including popular series, sports programs, news program, documentary programs, and more.

Caution: No Sports Channels in Family Package!

Digiturk Sport Family Package (Full Package): Digiturk offers Sport package, which you can enjoy 9 live Spor Toto Super League games plus the TFF 1st League and Turkey Basketball League games with HD quality via   beIN Sports Turkey – Lig tv, including special programs such as “Marathon” and “21” with the participation of commentators. Nearly 300 national, news, documentary, film channels took in family packages

HD Broadcast: Family Package or Family + Sports (Full Package) HD broadcasts are available in all products and are included in the campaign.

Digiturk Subscription Duration and Payment Form:

Monthly Payment: If you purchase the product with Digiturk’s Monthly Payment option, according to the one-time Prepayment campaign; Box + Activation + Subscription, first month payment is taken. The monthly amount specified during the purchase of the product, which if you have preferred 12 months subscription 11 months or if you have preferred 24 months, 23 months, is taken from your account on a monthly basis.

One-year Advanced Payment: If you choose the Digiturk one-year Advanced Payment option, the payment is for one year and your subscription is valid for one year starting from the day you purchased it.

Two-year Advanced Payment: If you choose Digiturk two-year Advance Payment option, the payment is for two years and your subscription is valid for two years starting from the day you purchased it.

Digitürk HD 9505 Receiever

With the Digiturk HD 9505 Satellite Receiver, you will never miss your favorite programs and games.

Your favorite team is playing derby games or you are wondering about a series this evening, but your conditions are not suitable for watching? With the technological possibilities, the Digiturk HD 9505 allows you to record sports games, TV programs and movies in HD quality on an external removable hard-disk or an external memory. You can watch recording series, sports games and programs anytime, via the Digiturk HD box 9505 the media player with just one click.

All multimedia files in one

With the Digiturk HD Receiver, you can play not only saved video files but also picture, audio and video files in different formats (mp3, jpeg, mp4 etc.) in your external disc or external memory with high quality without need for any additional device through the internal multimedia player.

Be online when you want

To watch channels of Digiturk HD box Family and Family + Sports (Full Package), which perform via satellite receiver, internet connection is not required, but it is very easy to connect to the Internet via an internet cable (Ethernet) to connect to the HD Receiver. In addition to accessing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via the internal Internet browser, to watch high resolution videos on Youtube and similar sharing sites from your TV screen are very easy now with the Digiturk HD 9505 equipped with the latest technology.

Digiturk HD 9505 Receiver Technical Specifications

  • Receiver compatible with receiving high-resolution broadcasts
  • Automatic software update via satellite
  • Automatic and easy installation to watch Digiturk broadcasts in an instant
  • External hard disk connection via USB, chance to stop live broadcast, run forward and rewind, save and watch HD quality broadcasts
  • Which program is in which channel, e-Guide can be followed punctually
  • Show current and next program information
  • Fast channel switching
  • Rich content archive and interactive applications over the Internet
  • Can personalize TV choice with favorite channel support
  • Child lock
  • Subtitle insertion feature
  • Dolby Digital Plus


  • HDMI
  • RCA video and audio output
  • Ethernet
  • Digital audio output (Optical)
  • LNB input
  • USB 2.0

! The channels in the Super League category can only be watched live in Sports Package. With the Family package you can rewatch games and other programs excluding live broadcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How to know if the Satellite dish is to Eutelsat or Turksat?
To distinguish whether your satellite dish is Eutelsat or Turksat, if EURO (Kanal D Euro, Star Euro) are available in your present Turkish tv channels then your satellite dish is to Eutelsat. 

2What to watch in Digiturk Satellite Spor+Family Package?

You can watch the games of Spor Toto Super League, TFF 1st League and Turkey Basketball League in Sports channels with the HD broadcast quality, via Eutelsat or Turksat satellite dish with Sports Pack. In addition, Sports package members can watch channels of Family package with HD broadcast quality without additional cost. You can watch Turkey’s most-loved news, child, documentary, movie, series, radio, foreign channels with Digiturk Satellite Sports + Family (Full Package). Caution: Due to right of broadcasting in Digiturk Euro Sports packages there are no Preimer League, La Liga, Euro League, France 1st League or NBA abroad. Digiturk Satellite Sport+Family Package channel list can be reviewed HERE. 

3What to watch in Digiturk Family Packages?
Via Eutelsat or Turksat satellite dish with Digiturk Family Package, you can watch about 300 national channels, broadcasting in Turkey and popular series broadcast on these channels; sports programs, news programs, documentary programs and many other programs in HD quality. Digiturk Family Packages channel list can be reviewed here. 

4How to install the device?

Digiturk Family + Sports (Full Package) or Family packages do not require any installation. The package includes HD satellite receiver, digital card, adapter, remote control and HDMI cable in the package sent to you after your order. After you connect Digiturk HD box with the cable of your satellite to your TV with Hdmi cable, you will start watching direct broadcasts. 

5When to receive my order?
Your ordered package will immediately be processed by our Digiturk Euro activation unit. All orders that completed before 14.00 are shipped the same day. Your Digiturk package will arrive within 1 to 5 business days depending on the country you have ordered.

6How do pay?

Once you have completed your package selection, please select your Payment Method & Subscription Time.

If you choose the Digiturk one-year Advanced Payment option, the payment is for one year and your subscription is valid for one year starting from the day you purchased it. Annual payments are always more advantageous than monthly payments.

7What is the payment method for order?
For online orders you need to choose one of the following options: Credit Card, Paypal, Visa, Master, Sofortüberweisung or Money Order. With these payment methods, we will immediately process your order in the same day as we receive your payment.

Attention: Order information are sent to you via e-mail in case of you selected money order as your payment method After you pay to account information that sent to you via email, your order will be processed. 

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